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Summer Sippin'

I have always been more of a "red" girl. When offered a choice between a bold red or a light white wine, I would unapologetically choose the red every single time. However, this past summer I have gained a great appreciation for the cool, crispness of a lovely white wine. There was something refreshing and satisfying about sipping on our Moscato after battling squash bugs in my garden. My aching back and dirt under my fingernails seemed to fade away as I sipped and swirled wine and admired my very overgrown garden. The hubs and I would sit in the evenings in our Adirondack chairs listening to the cicadas while sharing a bottle of Viognier and dream out loud about our future. We also would laugh about how neither of us used to enjoy white wines, but now we kinda love them! But my favorite part of summer sippin' is how fancy swishing Gewurztraminer in my glass made me feel. All I needed was a swanky church hat and pumps and I would be a true southern lady...but for me, my athleisure wear was as fancy as I was gonna get!

The more I learn about wines and how their flavor profile works, the more intrigued I become. For instance, when I drink a glass of Gerty, I can actually taste grapefruit and tangerine. It is amazing to me that grapes take on so many things from their environment and even more fascinating that we are able to taste those things in wine. Grapes, fermenting, wine, taste buds...they are all so complex and each one is different from another. And that is what makes wine making, grape-growing and wine tasting so much fun!

Now that summer is ending and the seasons are starting to change (I am so ready for cooler temps) the red wines are calling my name again. However, I feel like white wines have made their way into my regular rotation of delicious drinks, and I am not sad about it! So, if you are like me, and only drink a few types of wine or "only sweet wines", I encourage you to branch out and try something new. Learn about the wine, where the grapes were grown and what pairs well with it. The more you learn about it, the greater appreciation you will have for the unique flavor profile it has. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with something new, just like I did!

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Sep 30, 2023

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