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Texas is my favorite State. I have lived here my entire life and love so much about it. However, we Texans are always joking about the crazy weather that we have, and this February was the wildest weather I have ever seen here. We usually have pretty mild winters with a few really good cold snaps thrown in. This month, we got to experience what the northern states experience on a regular basis...and were reminded why we like our Texas winters! Our land was covered in a blanket of beautiful, fluffy snow, making it look like a Hallmark Christmas movie. Sitting by my fireplace with a hot cup of coffee, I just gazed for hours at the beauty of nature in winter, but the minute I stepped outside I was slapped in the face with the insane temperatures and bone chilling wind.

Up at the Vineyard it was no different. Below freezing temperatures, punishing winds and relentless snow and ice. Our poor little vines were covered in frost, then ice, then snow. Thankfully, vines are resilient and go dormant during the winter. I am amazed at the design of plants and how they are created to withstand harsh weather and still thrive when the seasons change. So now we wait for the spring to see fresh green leaves emerge from the sleeping vines. Come on warmer weather...I am ready for you!

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